Water Puns

Funniest water puns collection.

water puns

A water bed may lead a couple to drift apart.

Water slide construction completion requires a dry run.

Yogi had a water, whiskey and tea drink everyday. He was a toddy bear.

The coach asked Roger if he I could swim under water. He said, “don’t hold your breath.”

Ending up in hot water may result from upseting a cannibal.

When the police boat fills with water and those on board must be bailed out.

Sea they never stop

What do you call a duck that refuses to go in the water? A chicken!

What keeps a dock floating above water? Pier pressure!

Did you hear the watermelon joke?  It’s pitiful.

Is it dangerous to swim on a full stomach?  No, it’s just more fun in water.

Why is the letter T like an island?  Because its in the middle of water!

What do you call a guy with no arms or legs floating in the water? Bob

Why is it bad to joke about boiling water?  Because it gets all steamy.

How do you make holy water?  You boil the hell out of it!

How does Moses make his tea?   Hebews it.

Why do seals swim in salt water?  Because pepper water makes them sneeze!

What eight letters can you find in water from the Arctic Ocean?  H to O

What vegetable is forbidden on all ship?  Leeks!

What did the trout say when it swam into a concrete wall?  Dam!

What type of specialist can carry out operations underwater?  Sturgeon

Where do fish wash?  In a river basin!

Where do fish keep their money?  In river banks.

What do you call the small tributaries of the main river in Cairo?  Juveniles

Why didn’t the hipster swim in the river?  It was too mainstream.

What happened when the scientist tried to capture some fog?  She mist!

Why did the student study hydrology?  Because she had a great thirst for knowledge.

Who is the world’s greatest underwater spy? Pond. James Pond.

All the toilets in New York’s police stations have been stolen. Police have nothing to go on.

Why is tea so therapeutic?  Because boiling the water raises your self of steam.

What did the sink say to the water faucet? You’re a real drip.

Did you hear the watermelon joke? It’s pitful.

Why is the letter T like an island? Because its in the middle of water!!!

Yo girlfriend is so ugly, when she gets in the tub, the water jumps out.

Why did the seawater keep walking around in circles?… Because it was gyred

Why did the teacher jump into the water? She wanted to test the water!

Why wasn’t the blonde afraid when she saw a shark while she was swimming in the water?  Because it was a man-eating shark!

Why should you never swim on a full stomach?  Because it’s easier to swim in water!

Instantly, a lawyer named Carl pitches into the water. Furiously he swims across the pool, hauls himself out and stands there panting.”

Sharks gills can’t take in water by themselves. This means that sharks have a hard time sleeping or stop swimming.

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