When the foot doctor was stranded on the side of the highway, he has to call a toe truck driver to help.

The general lost the war because he was too busy counting the feet of all the soldiers. His really was a toe-tally tarrying regime.

My friend stubs his toe.. Me: “I’ll call a toe truck.

My toes are poets and they know it. They’re Longfellows.

I would help but my puns toe-tally suck.

On a different topic my food is toe-riffic.

Welp I think I am just toe-ing you around now so I will make my way out.

Ladies, if a guy ever tells you he wants to cover you from head to toe in honey and lick it off inch by inch, that’s a man who’s never done it before.

I don’t think we should call it ‘camel toe. I think we should call it ‘the-only-reason-I-go-to-yoga-toe.’

How do you make a woman’s toes curl?  Shag her with her pantyhose on.