Do you think Sodium is some cool dude? Na!

Mother: “Why would you not learn the periodic table?” Kid: “cause it’s so boron, ma!”

Scientist One: Can you see it? Scientist Two: Can’t believe it really existed! Ah! Element of Surprise.

What do you do to a crinkled shirt? Fe (Iron)

There’s one good guy in the periodic table, know who? Samarium

What would you say if you saw Nobelium and Silicon after a long time? Long time No(Nobelium) Si(Silicon)

Emma finally decided to dump her boyfriend, because…She couldn’t barium (bear him).

How did Oxygen and Potassium’s date go? O(Oxygen)K(Potassium).

Boy: Hey girl, you made of Copper and Tellurium? Girl: What? Boy: ‘Cause you are Cu(Copper)Te(Tellurium).

A poor Chemistry nerd’s proposal got rejected, guess why? Because he wrote Iodine Lutetium Vanadium Uranium to a girl, which meant I Luv U.