Is their WiFi in hear because I feel a strong connection


Baby, if they made you in Java, you’d be the object of my desire.


If I was a Facebook Status, would you like me?


How’d you like to come to MySpace so I can Twitter you with my Yahoo until I Google on your FaceBook?


Hey baby, let’s turn off our firewalls and connect our Ethernet cable. Want to see my Red Hat?


You know where the email settings are in Internet Mail, Outlook Express, Pegasus, Eudora, Netscape Mail, Messenger Mailbox, and you don’t use any of those programs for personal use.


You know more phone numbers to modem banks than you know phone numbers to people. You can name two web browsers other than Netscape or Microsoft’s.
You find telnet a helpful daily tool instead of wondering what it is for.


You loathe the dancing baby and other large file attachments sent through email to unsuspecting users who can’t pick them up off the server and then have to call and whine that their email doesn’t work anymore.