When data can’t drive, it takes the bus.

Old programmers never die. They just don’t C very well, or C#.

Dead hard drives should be encrypted.

If you steal my copy of Microsoft Office; I will find you: You have my Word.

A SQL statement walks into a bar asks 2 tables if he can join them.

There are two kinds of SysAdmins—those who back up and say UPS before a power supply outage, and those who do it after.

I hear there was a raid a couple of blocks away. Things went down, but there was a quick recovery. Apparently there was backup.

My boss wanted to know if I could change the DNS server settings. I told him ICANN.

My wife wanted me to drop the kids at school. She knows I’m a master of drag and drop.

I watched the NAS car. It was clear they had a hard drive.