What is best Beatles song? Latte Be!


Why are men are like coffee? The best ones are rich, hot, and can keep you up all night!


What do you call a cow who’s just given birth? De-calf-inated!


Why are all Jewish men required to make a good cup of coffee? Because according to the Torah He Brews!


Why is a bad cup of coffee the end of a marriage? Because it’s GROUNDS for divorce!


Why is Starbucks removing the trans-fat from their menu? Because they want that Frappacino to pad your ass without clogging your arteries!


What do you call sad coffee?” Despresso. If you say “Pumpkin Spice Latte” into a mirror three times, a white girl in yoga pants will appear and tell you all her favorite things about fall.


Why can Starbucks get away with charging outrageous prices for coffee? Because they have Italian titles for everything!


What’s the difference between a Starbucks latte and a whore? Nothing, they both suck and empty your wallet!


What kind of coffee was served on the Titanic Sanka What did the doctor say when a baby was born holding a Starbucks latte? “Its a white girl.”