Bear Puns

In our animal puns section, bear puns are considered as the funniest ones.

Bear Puns

How do you catch a fish without a fishing pole? With your BEAR hands.

Why did God make only one Yogi Bear? Because when he tried to make a second one he made a Boo-Boo

Why do polar bears like bald men? Because they have a great, white, bear place!

What do you call a bears without ears? B’s

What is a bear’s favorite drink? Koka-Koala!

What do you call a wet bear? A drizzly bear

How do you apologize to a koala? BEAR your heart and soul.

Why don’t bears like fast food? Because they can’t catch it!

Why did the sloth get fired from his job? He would only do the BEAR minimum.

What does pooh eat at parties? blue bear-y pie.

What do polar bears have for lunch? Ice burger!

Why is polar bear cheap to have as a pet? It lives on ice!

What do you get when you cross a polar bear with a rose? I don’t know but I sure wouldn’t try to sniff it.

What animal hibernates while standing on its head? Yoga Bear.

Why are polar bears so cheap to have as a pet? They live on ice.

What do Alexander the Great and Winnie The Pooh have in common? They both have ‘The’ as a middle name.

Why do polar bears have fur coats? Because they would look silly in ski jackets.

Where do you find polar bears? It depends on where you lost them.

What did the polar bear say when she saw campers in sleeping bags? Mmmm, Hot Pockets…

How do you keep a polar bear from charging? Only accept cash.

What do you get if you cross a dishonest polar bear and a harp seal? A bear-faced lyre (a lyre is a stringed instrument like a small harp).

What did the polar bear have stuck in his teeth? Eskimos.

What did the polar bear eat after the dentist fixed its tooth? The dentist!

What Do You Call A Bear With No Teeth?A gummy bear!

Why Do Pandas Like Old Movies?Because they’re in black and white.

How Do You Catch A Fish Without A Fishing Pole?With your BEAR hands

Why Don’t Bears Like Fast Food?Because they can’t catch it!

Why Did The Bear Get So Scared?Because he looked in the mirror

Why Did The Bear Cross The Road?It was the chickens day off!

Why Shouldn’t You Take A Bear To The Zoo?Because they’d rather go to the movies!

What color socks do bears wear? They don’t wear socks, they have bear feet!

What to polar bears eat for lunch? Ice berg-ers!

What do you call a grizzly bear caught in the rain? A drizzly bear!

What’s black and white, black and white, and black and white? A panda bear rolling down a hill!

What is black and white and red all over? A panda bear with a sunburn!

Why do bears have fur coats? Because they look silly wearing jackets!

What do you get if you cross a grizzly bear and a harp? A bear-faced lyre!

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